Growth and an international outlook have been key to the Danish Agro group's development for several years. In just ten years Danish Agro grew from being a regional agribusiness company in Denmark to an international agricultural group with activities in a number of different sectors and countries.


Growth for the sake of it has never been a goal. Growth is the means by which we have been able to maintain a healthy business in a hard-pressed industry. And that's where synergies play a key role.

There are significant synergies linked to growth in the agribusiness industry. The more customers can be reached, the easier it is to attract suppliers via such measures as pooled purchasing.

A good example of synergy benefits is the Finnish agribusiness company Hankkija Oy. As at 1 January 2013, the company (with a 50% market share in Finland) became a member of the Danish Agro group. Hankkija has primarily been able to strengthen the group's distribution power considerably, as we can now reach more customers. In addition, EUR 10 million in savings were achieved for the company within the first 12 months of joining the group.

A large element of these came from synergies within procurements, better distribution and result-oriented international information exchange. Consequently, Hankkija's bottom line has been improved to the benefit of its customers and owners.

Such cost-saving processes have been the key element of the many acquisitions, mergers and partnerships the Danish Agro group has executed in recent years. The result is that the group now has contact to several hundred thousand customers throughout northern Europe, buying products from an extensive range at competitive prices. And all to the benefit of the business, customers and our owners – Danish farmers.

Historical development

Acquisition of the premix and vitamin company Blattin Polska in Poland
Acquisition of LMB Danmark A/S in Denmark, which has changed its name to Danish Agro Machinery
Investment in the machinery business Traktor og Høstspecialisten A/S in Denmark
Acquisition of the machinery business Vinderup Maskinforretning A/S in Denmark
Acquisition of the machinery business ALMAS Maskinforretning A/S in Denmark

Acquisition of the company Eggprodukter AS in Norway, which has changes name to DAVA Foods Norway
Establishment of Norwegian Agro Machinery in Norway
Establishment of Swedish Agro Machinery in Sweden
Acquisition of the agribusiness company Kalmar Lantmänn in Sweden, which ahs changed name to Swedish Agro AB
Acquisition of the the machinery business LENA Maskin AS in Norway
Acquisition of the machinery business Östra Sönnerslev Maskinforretning in Sweden
Acquisition of the agribusiness company Eepee in Finland

Acquisition of the egg company Koks Munatootmine OÜ, which has changed its name to DAVA Foods Estonia AS
Establishment of the company Hungaria Agro 
Acquisition of the remaining 50 % shares in the machinery business Agromex in the Czech Republic
Acquisition of the agribusiness company FUGEMA Futtermittel- und Getreidehandelsgesellschaft mbH in Germany
Acquisition of the agribusiness company Raiffeisen Mölln GmbH in Germany
Acquisition of the agribusiness company Raiffeisen-Zentrum-Idstedt GmbH in Germany


Acquisition of Tallegg's egg activities in Estonia
Acquisition of HKScan's hatchery activities in Finland
Acquisition of Getreide AG's agribusiness acitivities in Germany
Acquisition of Finnish agribusiness KYAG
Acquisition of 25% of the shares in Hamburger Leistungsfutter
Acquisition/founding of Polish Agro in Poland

Acquisition of Hatting-KS in Denmark and Germany

Acquisition of machinery companies Raitech and Agromex in Poland and Czech Republic
Joint venture with Agravis Raiffeisen in Eastern Europe
Acquisition of Hankkija in Finland
Acquisition of VitArgos Rossovit in Russia
Acquisition of Scanola Baltic in Estonia
Acquisition of BHC Liepaja in Latvia

Acquisition of Vilkaviskis in Lithuania
Swedish Agro founded in Sweden
Acquisition of Y-Agro in Finland
Acquisition of Aller Mølle in Denmark
Acquisition of Svenska Lantägg in Sweden

Acquisition of 50% of Aarhusegnens Andel and merger with Nordjysk Andel in Denmark

Merger with SAB in Denmark
Acquisition of Hama Plus in Poland

Acquisition of Agro Stende and Saldus Labiba in Latvia
Investment in HEDEGAARD agro and HEDEGAARD foods in Denmark
DAVA Energy founded in Denmark
Nordic Seed founded in Denmark

Acquisition of Vilovet and Vilofarm in Denmark
Acquisition of Kvarnbyfoder, Normin and Melica in Sweden, Norway and Finland
Merger with KOF Agro in Denmark

Merger with Roskildeegnens Andel and SAG in Denmark

Acquisition of Baltic Agro (Kemira GrowHow) in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Shareholder in DanGødning in Denmark

Start-up of Norwegian DLA activities in Norway
Scanfedt founded in Denmark

Acquisition of parts of KFK, DanHatch, DPL Invest and others in Denmark and Germany

Acquisition of Vilomix in Denmark and with export activities
Merger with Slangerup Foderstof in Denmark

Start-up of DLA Agro Sverige in Sweden
Acquisition of agribusiness department of Emmelev Mølle in Denmark

Merger with Holstebroegnens Andel in Denmark

Acquisition of HH Emborg in Denmark

Merger with Vestsjællands Andel in Denmark

Scanola founded in Denmark

Merger with Nordvestsjællands Andel in Denmark

Acquisition of Qvade Køge in Denmark

Merger with Lille Skensved Foderstofforening in Denmark

Merger with Faxe Andel in Denmark

Stevns Andel founded in Denmark