Danish Agro and FLIEGL collaboration


Danish Agro has just entered into an agreement with FLIEGL Agrartechnik concerning further sale of the machinery producer’s products in Denmark.

Danish Agro and LEMKEN expand their scope of collaboration in Denmark


Five Danish machinery dealers expand their offering with the complete portfolio of LEMKEN products.

Machinery investment i Finland and the Baltic countries


Exclusive CLAAS dealership in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Danish Agro acquires Danish auction house


Danish Agro has concluded a deal for the acquisition of Dansk Maskinbørs.

Strategic partnership with digital frontrunner


Danish Agro group has just concluded a strategic partnership agreement with FieldSense, a developer of digital farming solutions

2017 was a good year for Danish Agro group


2017 was a good and successful year for the Danish Agro group, which met all its financial targets.

Strategic focus and targets for 2018


Danish Agro group continue to follow its longterm strategy and has defined financial KPIs for 2018

Danish Agro acquires Latvian agribusiness


Danish Agros subisdiary Baltic Agro Latvia has just concluded a deal to acquire 60% of the shares in agribusiness company Tukuma Straume

Danish Agro establishes Swedish grain terminal


Danish Agro has signed an agreement with Swedish KLF to build a joint grain terminal.

Danish Agro acquires Swedish agribusiness VärmLant AB


Swedish Agro, the Swedish subsidiary of Danish Agro and Vestjyllands Andel, has signed a deal to acquire VärmLant AB, effective 15 March 2018