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Major expansion in the Port of Aarhus


Danish Agro plans major expansion of its logistics facilities in the Port of Aarhus in 2015-16.

The plans involve building new warehousing with unloading facilities, increasing warehouse capacity by 60,000 tons to a toal of over 100,000 tons. The new buildings will represent total investment of EUR 13 million.

Danish Agro's CEO, Christian Junker sees significant potential in the move:

- Danish Agro needs to constantly ensure that it is the most efficient and valuable partner for Danish farmers. Expansion of our warehouse and offloading facilities in the harbour will help streamline offloading, increase flexibility and create smoother logistics to the benefit of our customers and owners, he says.

A new 240 metre-long warehouse building plus the expansion of an existing building to the same length will be the result. The new facilities will be used for commodities such as soybean meal, fertiliser, wood pellets, grain and rapeseed and are expected to be completed in 2016.